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About Us

Obesity Bariatric Surgery incorporation, with several years of bariatric surgery experience, specializes in assisting people with severe obesity; a situation that puts people at a very high risk for suffering from other chronic and life-threatening medical problems. We have performed more weight-loss surgeries than any other health center in Turkey, with 95% performed using minimally invasive techniques. Our obesity  hospital have the best digital procedures in the country. We also operate successfully and confidently in the health tourism field; we carefully follow each phase and treatment about your medical travel.

We are a nationally renowned obesity center with expertise inhealth-related needs including heart, diabetes, bariatric and plastic surgery. We also have a team approach with competent physicians, nurses, dieticians and exercise specialists who personalize a weight-loss to-do list to meet your specific goals and needs. We have a private organization focused on medical tourism, set up to support and manage health solutions in our  hospital on patients worldwide. We help our patients with their medical travel information and more significantly, send back them their home happily.

We are committed to offering patients the highest standards of quality care and safety. We give high quality and top-class health service at commonsensical costs with our hospitality and special care in Turkey. Seeing our patients happy is our greatest priority.